About Charlroy Vollmer

Charlroy Vollmer is an experienced South African immigration consultant with over 8 years of experience. His 8 years of experience has allowed him to help numerous amount of people apply for South African visas. Charlroy offers South African immigration services and specializes in the following visas:

Charlroy latest posts can be found on Migrate With Q blog’s he enjoys writing about topics that can assist people in any meaningful way.

Charlroy has assisted many corporate companies in advising and assisting them to apply for South African visas for many prospective foreign applicants.

It all started in January 2012

Charlroy started his career in the audio-visual field and after spending a few years in the industry, he realized that being a sound engineer was not his passion and dream. The next few months he spent searching for something that would ignite the passion inside him and he very quickly discovered that helping people was an undiscovered passion that made him light up inside. In search of his newly found passion, Charlroy applied for a job as an immigration consultant.

South African Immigration His Newfound Passion

Charlroy was employed by one of the biggest SA immigration agency’s in South Africa and spent the next 6 years helping people immigrate. His skillset broadened and started assisting clients with immigration to Australia, Canada then moving into marketing. Charlroy assisted the company with SEO and social media marketing growing its organic channels from scratch to about 60, 000 monthly visitors.

Migrate With Q was founded.

In 2019, Charlroy dabbled with the idea of starting his immigration agency and so he started planning everything down to detail. It took him at least a year to design the website and design it in such a way that makes it meaningful for his web visitors so that when they leave, they leave with something useful that can help them move forward. Charlroy has invested time into understanding people who immigrate, what are their fears, what answers are they looking for and most of all how Migrate With Q can differ from all other Immigration agencies in South Africa.

Charlroy’s digital marketing skills allows him to understand what people are looking for when it comes to South Africa immigration and through this website he aims to assist people with the service they deserve and being transparent with them throughout the process. Where our clients are concerned, he ensures that he leaves no stone unturned and wants to be there for the customer through the entire process.

It’s all about you.

It’s all about the client, we are client-centric and we want you to have the best possible experience with us. To Charlroy it’s not about the money, it’s about finding and creating the best possible solution for the client and them to know that they can rest assure that they are in the best hands which they can trust. Charlroy strongly believes in having empathy for each client as we want to connect and affirm with each client to give them the best possible solution.