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Life Partner PR

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Are you tired of having to renew your life partner visa every two years?

The anxiety you have to face and the money spent each time you renew the visa?

Applying for permanent residency will be the last time you ever need to renew your visa unless you are absent from the country for more than 2 years.

Today we like to discuss the qualifying criteria for permanent residency through the life partner visa.

But before we do, we’d like to say that if you are planning on joining your partner in South Africa then you can read more about the life partner visa if you applying for the first time.

The advantage of the visa is that you can apply for a life partner visa work endorsement to work in South Africa.

The life partner visa is categorized under the relative’s visa category and regarded as a temporary residence permit/visa.

If you are married to a South African citizen or permanent resident then you need to apply for a spousal visa for South Africa.

What are the qualifying criteria for permanent residency through a life partner?


What are the qualifying criteria for permanent residency through a life partner?


To qualify for permanent residence you need to satisfy the following:

  • Have been in a relationship with your South African citizen or permanent resident partner for 5 years or more, in other words cohabiting.
  • You need to provide proof of cohabitation and shared financial responsibilities.
  • You are of good character and be in good health.

Once you have received your permanent residence permit, the relationship must exist for another two years or else your PR permit will be withdrawn by the Department of Home Affairs.

This excludes the scenario if your partner has passed away, the Department of Home Affairs will not withdraw or cancel your status.

The awesome thing about this is that heterosexuals and same-sex couples may apply for it.

Why you should apply for permanent residence?


Why you should apply for permanent residence?


The Department of Home Affairs has a huge backlog of permanent residency applications.

This means that your application will not be processed within 8 months as promised by them.

Applicants have been five years for their applications to be processed.

Some have waited five years just to be told that their application has been refused.

Therefore you must ensure that your application is 100% correct and that no documents are missing.

It is not easy navigating the South African immigration system, we can assist you by starting with a free assessment.

The advantage of obtaining permanent residence


The advantage of obtaining permanent residence


The immigration regulations are constantly changing and who knows the criteria for the life partner visa might change in future.

The qualifying criteria might become more stringent and the qualifying criteria for permanent residency might change too.

When you obtain your permanent residence permit, then you are free to study, start your own business or work for what you want.

Think of how lucky you are and what fortunate position you are in.

Business visa holders have to prove to the Department of Home Affairs that they invested five million with their business, employed 60% South Africans or permanent residents and they even have to submit an entire business plan to the Department of Trade and Industry before applying for permanent residency.

Study visa holders do not qualify for PR and a work visa holder has to jump through plenty of hoops to get to qualify for PR.

There are many visas on offer but the Spousal & life partner visa is the easiest to qualify for permanent residency.

If you do not qualify at this point then our life partner visa renewal for South Africa is just the right post for you which explains the process of renewing your visa.

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