Relatives Visa South Africa Requirements

Relatives Visa South Africa Requirements

The relative’s visa for South Africa can be split into three visa types:

  1. Relatives visa (Sponsor a family member)
  2. Spousal visa (Married to a South African citizen or Permanent residence permit
  3. Life Partner visa (In a relationship with a South African citizen or Permanent resident for more than 2 years)

Need more information – What is a relative permit in South Africa is a detailed blog post with all the information you need. This can be referred to as a family visa for South Africa.

You are allowed to change status from a tourist visa to a relatives visa if you are a child of a South African citizen or permanent resident. 

Can you work on a relative visa in South Africa? If you are sponsored by a family member, then you cannot work with this visa. Spousal and Life partner visas must add a specific endorsement to the visa. Read more about the relatives visa work endorsement South Africa.

Applying for permanent residency through a life partner visa then the life partner permanent residence permit South Africa is a great article to read.

The immigration act/regulations allow mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters to sponsor one of their siblings, or sponsor a spouse or life partner to apply for this temporary residence visa. You might be wondering what is a spousal visa in South Africa, our blog post has a detailed explanation.

1st level kinship foreign nationals can apply for permanent residency in South Africa which can take about 6 years to process.

Do not qualify for the visa? These are the different South Africa visa types you can qualify for.

Below are the different documents you need for the visa process and depending on your situation:

What are the requirements?

Relatives Visa Requirements

This set of required documents

  • Fully completed VFS forms. The Department of Home Affairs will accept no handwritten application forms.
  • Your valid passport is valid for 30 days after your visa expires.
  • Your documents must be submitted in person at your nearest VFS centre no less than 60 days and no less than seven days before your visa expires.
  • A yellow fever certificate is needed if you are travelling or transiting through a yellow fever endemic area. (The certificate is not needed if you have travelled or intend on travelling in direct transit through a yellow fever endemic area)
  • An original police clearance certificate from the responsible authorities from your country and every country you have lived in for more than 12 months since the age of 18. (A certificate is not needed in respect of a renewal/extension of the visa.
  • Your medical report is not older than 6 months at the point of submission.
  • Your radiological report is not older than 6 months at the point of submission. (The report is not needed for children under the age of 12 and pregnant women)
  • A marriage certificate if applicable in the case of a foreign spousal relationship.
  • A spousal affidavit where a relationship to a South African citizen or permanent resident exists and is proof in the form of a marriage certificate.
  • Legal separation if applicable.
  • Divorce decree if applicable.
  • In respect of your late spouse, a death certificate where applicable.
  • A court order grants full or specific parental responsibilities and rights if applicable.
  • Written consent from both parents and full parental responsibilities if applicable.
  • Confirmation of adoption if applicable.
  • Evidence of kinship, between the visa applicant and South African citizen or PR holder:
  1. Unabridged birth certificate
  2. If applicable, paternity test results.
  • The sponsor’s financial assurance proves that they can sustain you and or any other applicants as determined by the Minister of South Africa. Prove in the form of a certified bank statement not older than 3 months at the time of submission.
  • Payment receipts VFS and Department of Home Affairs fees.

This is the relative visa application form South Africa that must be used abroad at a South African embassy.

Can I renew a relative visa?

Can I renew a relative visa?

Yes, you can extend/renew your relative visa in South Africa every two years. You can submit your renewal at your nearest VFS centre in the country.

You must start your renewal at least 3-4 months before your visa expires so that you can submit your visa application in time.

The relative visa South Africa processing time is about 5 months.

If you submit with an expired visa, your application will be rejected by the Department of Home Affairs. You would have to consider submitting a good cause letter but this is not always guaranteed. This visa appeal process South Africa is something you need to be familiar with.

Applying abroad:

Applying abroad

Visa applications which are submitted abroad must first obtain the qualifying criteria and application from a South African embassy closest to them.

Each South African embassy might have its qualifying criteria and therefore it’s important to find out if there are any extra requests.

Remember that all copies of an original document must be certified and should not be older than 3 months at the time of submission.

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