Join your partner by applying for a life partner visa for South Africa

With our expertise, we’ll help you get a life partner visa.

This service is for people who are ready and willing to put in the effort to apply for a visa.

• We’ll prepare and compile your application.
• Access to immigration experts.
• Service you can’t find anywhere else.
• We’ll tailor our service according to your needs.

Are you and your partner planning on moving to South Africa?

Starting a new life in a new country can be scary and stressful while having to deal with a lot on your plate. Migrate With Q will remove all the stress and frustrations by facilitating the process for you. A life partner visa is a form of temporary residence visa that allows you to stay legally in South Africa for 2 years and can be renewed. Same-sex partners are welcome to apply for this temporary residence visa as the Department of Home Affairs allows same-sex partners.

After receiving the visa you can:

• Enter and exit South Africa
• Add a business, work or study endorsement to your visa.
Apply for permanent residency after 5 years of being in a relationship with your SA or permanent resident partner.

If you are married to a South African citizen or permanent resident you need to apply for a spousal visa.

What are the qualifying criteria:

• Proof that your relationship has existed for 2 years.

If you cannot show proof then you must look at applying for a visa which you qualify for:

Critical Skills Visa
General Work Visa
Intra-Company Transfer Visa

All first-time applications must be submitted in your country of residence at the South African Embassy. Your partner or spouse may not submit your application in SA or no first time application may be submitted in SA.

What can Migrate With Q do for you:

• Curate a list of required documents tailored to your case.
• Prepare and compile your application.
• You get access to an immigration expert.
• We can assist you in applying for permanent residence if you qualify.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What happens if the visa is rejected?

If we mess up your application and it’s rejected, then we will refund you in full for your service fees paid to us.

2. How long does it take to process the visa?

Once we receive all your paperwork, it will take us 48 hours to prepare your application. Once your application is submitted it will take 30 – 40 working days to receive your outcome. Visas submitted abroad often take way quicker to process at the South African Embassy.

3. Do you only assist people in South Africa?

No, we can assist anyone no matter where you are based in the world. We will courier your ready to submit the visa application to your doorstep.

4. Can I work on a life partner visa?

Yes, you have three options: You can either study, work or open your own business in South Africa.