Case Study: How Migrate With Q Helped Neville and Joan Gabie Obtain Retirement Visas for South Africa

Neville and Joan Gabie, UK citizens, were looking to retire in South Africa but had no idea where to start with the visa application process. They turned to the internet for information but found mixed and often contradictory information that discouraged them from pursuing their retirement visa application. Eventually, they put off the process altogether.

Luckily, Neville stumbled upon the website of Migrate With Q, a South African immigration consulting firm that specializes in assisting foreign nationals with their visa applications. After submitting an enquiry, the firm performed a free assessment to determine if Neville and Joan qualified for a retirement visa. To their delight, they did.

Migrate With Q then provided Neville and Joan with a clear understanding of the requirements for the retirement visa and explained how the firm could assist them throughout the application process. Once they provided all the necessary documents, the firm thoroughly checked and compiled their application. Additionally, Migrate With Q used a chartered accountant to verify their financials, ensuring that they met the requirements set by the Department of Home Affairs.

Neville was the principal visa holder, and Joan was an accompanying dependent. Migrate With Q saved them the stress of having to prove an additional R 37,000.00 South African rands. After the application was completed and thoroughly checked, Migrate With Q handed it over to Neville and Joan along with a detailed, friendly instruction document that explained the application process and where they needed to sign. A scheduled call was also arranged to explain the application to them as they were based in the UK, and Migrate With Q was based in South Africa.

Before submitting their application, Neville and Joan took a vacation in South Africa and requested that Migrate With Q extend their visitor’s visa to remove any stress so that they could enjoy their holiday. Once they returned to the UK, Migrate With Q scheduled their appointment with VFS to submit their retirement visa application.

In just two weeks, Neville and Joan’s retirement visas were approved, and they were ecstatic. Migrate With Q had solved their pain point, guided them through the process, and remained transparent throughout. The Gabies were happy with their experience, and it’s all thanks to Migrate With Q’s expertise and dedication to making the immigration process as smooth as possible.

Neville and Joan Retirement Visa South Africa Case Study

In conclusion, Migrate With Q assisted Neville and Joan Gabie in obtaining their retirement visas for South Africa. The firm’s expertise and attention to detail made the process much less stressful for the couple, who were thrilled with the outcome. If you’re a foreign national looking to relocate to South Africa, Migrate With Q is an excellent choice for all your immigration needs.