Permanent Residence Permit South Africa

Professional service and immigration experts at your fingertips.

This service is for people who are serious about applying for their permanent residence permit and are willing to work with an immigration expert.

• We prepare and compile your PR permit application.
• Never worry about renewing your temporary visa again.
• Access to an immigration expert.
• You are no longer bound to your employer.

Apply today before the Department of Home Affairs discontinues permanent residency

Apply for your South African permanent residence permit and never worry about renewing your temporary visas. Migrate With Q will facilitate the process for you.

DHA is looking to permanently scrap permanent residency permits in South Africa and replace them with long-term temporary visas. If you have been dragging your feet or recently qualified then now is your time to apply for PR.

Migrate With Q will ensure that we assess you and get you on board as quick as possible so that we can prepare your application in the quickest time frame possible. Once we have all your documentation, it takes us 48 hours to prepare your paperwork before it’s ready to be submitted by you.

When you receive your PR permit you can:

• Open your own business in South Africa.
• Share the same rights as South African citizens (except the right to vote or hold a SA passport)
• Apply for South African citizenship after 10 years.
• Access to loans and bonds

Qualifying criteria

The South African immigration act of 2002 allows applicants to qualify in one of two ways:

Direct residency permits:

Applicants who have been using work permits for a minimum of 5 years (Includes spouses and dependents of a South African citizen or permanent residence permit holders)

1. Critical Skills Visas
2. General Work Visas

Residency based on other grounds:

1. Financially Independent
2. Retirement Visas
3. Relatives Visas
4. Spousal Visas (Married to our spouse for 5 years)
5. Refugee under the Refugees Act of section 27(c)
6. Business Visas (Intend to establish a business in SA)
7. Exceptional skills and qualifications.
8. A permanent work offer in SA.
9. Life Partner Visa.

Take advantage while the permanent residence permits are still available to you because the Department of Home Affairs will soon discontinue this visa. Critical skills work visa holder who holds 5 years or more work experience can immediately apply for permanent residence and become a permanent resident of South Africa.

What can Migrate With Q do for you

• Determine your status with a free assessment (If you qualify or not).
• You get access to an immigration expert.
• We respond to emails and call within 24 hours 7 days a week.
• Prepare and compile your application.
• Prepare you for submission and explain the process.
• Your application is reviewed by 3 immigration experts before handing it over to you.
• 48 hours to prepare your application (Once we received all your paperwork).
• We are with you from start to finish.
• Weekly catch-up calls with you.
• Schedule your appointment with VFS.

Your application is prepared by an immigration expert who has experience in dealing with PR applications and knows what the Department of Home Affairs requires when it comes to your paperwork. The approval time frame is a long wait, DHA currently promises a turn-around time of 4-8 months and we have heard of applications taking up to 2 years to be processed. That’s why you should make use of an immigration agent to prepare your application, as a refusal can cost you time and money.

Migrate With Q will remove all the stress and hassles for you by facilitating the process for you. You must renew your temporary residence visa if it expires soon, a PR submission awaiting approval will not mean you are legally allowed to stay in SA.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can my kids & spouse apply for PR?

If they are in SA on valid visas, then yes your entire family will be included in the application. If they are not in SA, then they first have to apply for the appropriate visas before they can apply for PR.

2. What happens if my PR application is rejected?

If your application is rejected we will refund you our service fees paid to us if it was an error on our side. If you have provided us with fraudulent documents then we will not refund you.