Get a Corporate Visa for Your Business

Get the corporate certificate to allow your business to employ a large amount of workforce for your business.

We’ll process the application for you and eliminate the stress while you focus on your business.

This service is for businesses who are serious about applying for a Corporate certificate for their business.

• We’ll process your application within 48 hours of receiving all your required documentation.
• A customized curated list of documentation tailored to your specific case.
• Our methodical approach will give you the best chance of approval
• Our experts will meticulously inspect your application before handing it over to you

The best companies take the hands-off approach and leave it to the experts

Leave it to the experts to apply for the corporate visa whilst you focus on your business and our experts will ensure that you are kept in the loop.

Before taking you on as a client, we’ll conduct a thorough assessment to find out if you qualify for the visa.

Getting the visa allows your business to give work to a predetermined number of foreign nationals. Here are the different South Africa visa types on offer.

The process:

• The applicant applies for the certificate which allows the business to employ foreign nationals.
• The Department of Home Affairs will approve the application if all the criteria are satisfied.
• Once approved, then can your foreign staff members apply for a corporate workers visa.

The Qualifying Criteria:

1. Provide proof that your company needs to employ a predetermined number of foreign nationals.
2. A certificate from the Department of Labour confirming that all efforts were exhausted in first finding South African citizens or permanent residents.
3. Job description and Salary particulars for each foreign employee.
4. A salary benchmark that provides details that your foreign employees will not be paid an inferior salary compared to a South African or permanent resident in a similar position.
5. Proof that your business is registered with SARS, UIF, COID and CIPC registrations.
6. Undertaking letter from your company stating that you shall inform the Director-General of Home Affairs should any foreign employee not comply with the provisions of the act or visa conditions.
7. Undertaking letter stating that the company will notify the Director-General of Home Affairs should the employee no longer be employed by the company or employed in a different role or capacity within the company.
8. Undertaking from the company to pay for any deportation costs where the employee and their family members are concerned.
9. The corporate applicant must prove that company’s total staff complement are South African citizens and permanent residents and must remain the same for the duration of the visa. DHA might request proof at any time during the duration of the visa.

You are not allowed to apply for a change of status in South Africa. This means you cannot apply in SA with a visit visa to a corporate visa. You have to apply in your country of permanent residence.

How can Q assist you?

• A specifically curated documentation list for your application.
• Compiling and preparing the entire application.
• You get access to a Q expert.
• Assistance with the Department of Labour.
• Drafting all undertakings for your company.
• Assistance with providing proof that your company exhausted all avenues to employ SA citizens or permanent residence holders.
• Advising you with regards to the different documentation.
• Compile and process applicants visa applications
• Scheduling the appointments with VFS.
• Notifying the client about the outcome of the visa.

Once the corporate visa certificate has been issued to you by the Department of Home Affairs, then only may you proceed to recruit international talent for your company. This is a 2-part process, in which you first have to apply for the certificate and then only can international recruits who accepted your offer apply for the corporate work visa. The certificate will only allow your company to employ a predetermined number of foreigners,

The Work Visa Process

Applicants who accepted your offer must apply in their country of residence at their nearest South African embassy. No work application may be submitted in South Africa, all first-time applications must be submitted in their country of residence.

Applying for a work permit South Africa can be a daunting task.

The visa will be issued to the applicant in their country of residence. The processing times for the visa abroad should approximately be 30-40 working days and this entirely depends on how busy the Embassy is then.

If your company does not qualify for the visa then your international staff must look at applying for alternative visas:

General Work Visa
Critical Skills Visa
Intra-Company Visa