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What Is A Section 11-2 Visa For South Africa?

Section 11(2) Short-Term Work Visa in South Africa
A Section 11(2) visa, also known as a 
Visitor’s Visa with Authorization to Conduct Work, caters to foreign citizens with short-term work needs in South Africa. Unlike a traditional work visa, it offers a limited window to perform specific work activities during your visit.

Who Can Benefit From A Section 11(2) Visa?

A short-term work visa is a valuable option for various foreign professionals with short-term work requirements in South Africa. Here are some categories that might find this visa particularly useful:

Technical Specialists: This includes technicians for installation, repair, or maintenance of equipment, along with specialists for troubleshooting technical issues.

Training and Development Professionals: Trainers delivering workshops, instructors conducting short-term courses, and consultants offering expertise for a limited period can all benefit from this visa.

Film and Media Professionals: Film crews working on productions, photographers on assignment, and other media professionals with short-term projects can leverage this visa.

It’s important to note that this is not an exhaustive list. The specific work activities permitted under a Section 11(2) visa can vary depending on the individual circumstances.

Eligibility Criteria Section 11(2) Visa

You’ll need to demonstrate that you possess the necessary skills and experience for the specific work activity you’ll be undertaking in South Africa.



Demonstrated Skills & Experience

You should possess a strong track record and relevant qualifications that align with the demands of the proposed work project.

Documentation such as certificates, diplomas, or a portfolio showcasing your expertise can be helpful in demonstrating your capabilities.

Offer of Employment From A South African Company

A crucial element is a formal invitation or offer of employment from a reputable South African company.

This document should clearly outline the nature of the work, your specific role, and the duration of your stay.

The company’s legitimacy and its ability to sponsor your work activity will also be considered.

Required Documents 

Required Documents For Authorization For Short Term Work


Valid Passport

Your passport must be valid for 30 days after departure and have two blank visa pages for the embassy sticker and entry/exit stamps.

DHA-84 Visa Application Form

Signed and Completed DHA-84

Passport Photographs

Your visa application requires two (2) physical passport photographs with a uniform white or light-colored background.

Bio Page Copy

The visa application process requires a certified or notarized copy of the applicant’s passport biographical information page (bio page).

Provisional Flight Tickets

While purchasing airfare before your visa is secured is not recommended, you’ll need proof of a confirmed round-trip flight itinerary or reservation

Proof of Accomodation

To demonstrate your secured lodging during your South African visit, a confirmed hotel reservation can serve as proof of accommodation

Financial Assurance

To demonstrate your financial ability to support yourself during your stay, your visa application requires proof of sufficient funds. This can be provided in the form of recent (three months) bank statements stamped by your bank.

Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate

A yellow fever vaccination certificate might be mandatory for your visa application if your travel itinerary includes passing through a country designated as a yellow fever risk zone before entering South Africa.

Stamped Letter of Invitation

You’ll need a stamped letter of invitation from the South African company or organization extending the invitation. This letter should clearly outline the following details:

  • Purpose and Necessity of the Work: Explain why the specific work activity requires your expertise and cannot be performed by a local worker.
  • Nature of the Work: Provide a detailed description of the tasks you will be undertaking during your visit.
  • Qualifications and Skills Required: Outline the specific skills and experience needed for the work, demonstrating why you are a suitable candidate.
  • Duration of the Work: Specify the exact timeframe for the work project, aligning with the duration of your requested visa stay.
  • Place of Work: Indicate the physical location where the work will be conducted.
  • Duration of the Visit: Clearly state the intended length of your stay in South Africa.
  • Proof of Remuneration or Stipend: Demonstrate how you will be financially compensated for your work (salary, stipend, etc.). This can be documented through a contract or agreement.
  • Identity and Contact Details: Provide complete information about the inviting company or organization, including a contact person’s name and contact details.

By including these details, the invitation letter serves as a crucial endorsement from your South African sponsor, supporting your application.

CIPC Registration

South Africa business to include a copy of the business registration.

SARS Registration

The South African company should include proof of registration from the South African Revenue Services.

Application Process:

Obtaining a Section 11(2) visa involves a series of actions for the applicant and the South African employer. Here’s an overview of the key steps, responsibilities, and timeframes:


Gather Required Documents: (Applicant Responsibility)

  • You, the applicant, are responsible for collecting all the necessary documents as outlined by the South African embassy/consulate in your home country. These typically include a valid passport, proof of accommodation, travel insurance, and employment documents from the South African company. 

Secure Letter of Invitation: (Employer Responsibility)

  • The South African company inviting you for the work project needs to provide a formal letter of invitation. This letter details the purpose, nature, and duration of the work, along with your qualifications and compensation. 

Complete Application Form: (Applicant Responsibility)

  • You’ll need to fill out the official visa application form accurately and completely. Ensure all information aligns with the supporting documentation. 

Submit Application and Fees: (Applicant Responsibility)

  • Once all documents are assembled, submit your application along with the required processing fees to the South African embassy/consulate in your home country. 


  • Processing times for Section 11(2) visas can vary depending on the workload of the embassy/consulate and individual circumstances. It’s generally recommended to allow at least 5-10 Business days for processing.

Work Activities and Categories for Section 11(2) Work Visa (South Africa)

Permitted Work Activities:

A Section 11(2) work visa allows foreign nationals to undertake short-term, specific work activities in South Africa. Here are some general categories of permitted activities, but it’s important to note that this is not an exhaustive list:

  • Business and Professional Services:
    • Training and skills development workshops.
    • Consulting services for a specific project.
    • Business negotiations and meetings.
    • Attending conferences or trade shows (with specific participation).
  • Film and Media Production:
    • Filming crews for documentaries or commercials.
    • Short-term technical specialists for film shoots.
  • Technical Work:
    • Installation, maintenance, or repair of specialized equipment.
    • Short-term technical training for local staff.

Important Considerations:

  • Limited Scope: The work activities must be specific and time-bound, not exceeding the authorized visa duration (typically under 90 days).
  • No Ongoing Employment: Section 11(2) visas are not meant for regular, ongoing employment in South Africa.
  • Category Restrictions: Specific work activities may have additional requirements or limitations depending on the category.

The categories listed above are just a starting point. For a definitive understanding of permitted work activities under your specific circumstances, it’s crucial to: consult with an immigration consultant in South Africa.

One Section 11(2) Visa Per Year: Important Renewal Restrictions

Holding a Section 11(2) visa with a successful extension for 3 months disqualifies you from applying for another Section 11(2) visa within the same calendar year. Even if your initial visa overlaps with the next year, only the days falling in the new year will be considered for a new visa application.

Long-Term Work Visa Options in South Africa

If you’re looking to work in South Africa for an extended period, here’s a breakdown of some key long-term work visa options:

1. Critical Skills Work Visa

2. General Work Visa

3. Intra-Company Transfer Work Visa

4. Corporate Work Visa

The best long-term work visa for you depends on your specific situation and job offer.

Can My Family Accompany Me To South Africa?

Yes, your family can accompany you to South Africa, but their visa requirements will depend on their nationality. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Visa Required:
    • If your family members don’t hold a South African passport or a visa-exempt nationality, they will need to apply for a visitor visa.
    • The visitor visa allows them to stay in South Africa for the duration of their approved visa.


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